• Damp-Proofing Of Walls (Rising/Lateral Damp)
  • Under builds & Basement Floors (Tanking)
  • Condensation/Black Mould (Surface Damp)
  • Waterproofing of Flat Roofs  
  • Waterproofing of Leaking Patios/Terraces
  • Protective Coatings of Walls (Rendering)
  • Investigate and Offer Solutions
  • All Work is Guranteed
In time mould grows within the moisture and ultimately turns black, thus creating
the dreaded Black Mould. This infamous type of mould can cause respiratory
problems if not treated properly.
 damp proofing problems on surface walls
raising damp proofing problems
surface damp proofing problems
 damp proofing projects throughout Benidorm
damp proofing projects  Benidorm,al faz, polop,la nucia,albir
rising damp proofing problems
black mold damp
We have dealt with toughest of damp
problems. With referrals from past and
present satisfied clients. We have been
working on the Costa Blanca for over 17
years using products manufactured to
eliminate even the most strongest of
Damp Problems which can occur in your
apartment or villa.

Covering the North of the Costa Blanca,
call us for the company with local
specialists knowledge in damp

We will always suggest the best way to
solve those unsightly and unhealthy
damp problems that can occur in your
finished surface black mold problems
Latural damp proofing problems throughout Benidorm,before
A total damp remedy service for homes on the Costa Blanca
Are you dreading cooler wet months? Dreading the horrid damp that assails your
home in the colder months?  Live in an old property?

Protective Coatings of Walls (Rendering Products)

As a hot country, Spain cannot deal with the colder winter months. It's a fact that
residents live with on a daily basis during the cold season! But when your home,
your haven, ceases to become so, because your property has serious damp and
mould then something has to be done! Damp to the touch on surfaces and a general
dank feeling in the atmosphere and the smell of damp are all problems that can be
solved by Dragon Reforms.
finished Latural damp proofing problems throughout Benidorm
Latural damp proofing problemsbefore
Costa Blanca Reduced Property For Sale
Water moving up the wall to a height of 1m/1.2m (Rising
Damp) or water is moving through the wall e.g. Through
your outside stair case and penetrates through the wall of
your property (Lateral Damp). Condensation/Black Mould
(Surface Damp) is created through difference in
temperatures or water on the surfaces of walls building up
over time so creating mold.

These two forms of water movement begin to saturate the
wall and after time, mould grows within the moisture and
black mould again starts its pesky climb.  The best time to
sort damp issues is in the hot months, don´t leave it until
the Winter, sort it before the rainy season!  No worry we
can solve these very common issues.
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